Cindy works to improve the quality, availability and cost of health care for the residents of New Hampshire.  She also sponsors legislation to improve public health, improve the privacy of your medical records, and protect consumers.

2011 Bills

Prescription Monitoring Program
Investigate Joint Phaarmaceutical Purchasing
Employment Training Program for Individuals with Disabilities
Pre-arranged Funeral Contract Protections
Regulations of Oil Burner Technicians
Health Information Exchange

Bills to Improve Quality

HB 1548 (2010) to require reporting of infections acquired in ambulatory surgical centers
HB 621 (2010) relative to persons with mental illness and the corrections system
HB 408 (2009) relative to regulation of physicians and physicians assistants by the board of medicine
HB 542 (2009) relative to a health information exchange
HB 592 (2009) relative to reporting adverse events in hospitals and health facilities
HB 1513 (2008) establishing N evidenced-based prescription drug information program

Bills to Improve Access

Bills to Control Cost of Health Care

SB 392 (2010) requiring public hearings on cost increases in health care
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Bills to Protect Privacy

Bills to Improve Public Health

Consumer Protection Bills